TSict Launched Temperature Detected Thermal Camera!

TSNU5001 is TSict brand new IP66 weatherproof Megapixel thermal network bullet camera, built-in compact UFPA detector with options of 160 × 120, 384 × 288 and 640 × 480, the detector has longer life cycle with lower power consumption that makes TSNU5001 capable to work more stable than normal uncooled detector.

TSNU5001 also applies the latest generation of MEMS technology and inbuilt with advanced digital circuit processing technology, featuring NETD less than 100mk makes it capable to deliver more delicate pictures with exact temperature measurement. The digital thermometer and thermal image are based on the original data processing, separating between front-end temperature measurement techniques and thermal video, zero image noise, 7 pseudo colors.

TSNU5001 is inbuilt with thermal and maximum 4 megapixel HD dual channel camera, fully Onvif profile S compliant and provides an all-in-one solution that outputs thermal image and visible image that helps to observe specific details at night. This device is especially beneficial for long distance video surveillance and 24 hours real-time monitoring in outdoor applications, strongly recommend to use for applications such as vehicle-mounted monitoring, expressway, railway, harbor, airport, square, scenic spot, etc.

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