TS Launches IP68 HiPoE IR Housing

TS HiPoE housing series assure an easy plug and play mounting, system reliability, economical service and easy installation for IP and Megapixel cameras thanks to the benefits of high Power over Ethernet (PoE). This design allows feeding the 12 V dc cameras as well as the heater and blower, infrared illuminator directly from one Ethernet cable.

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This equipment can be used for the camera ‘with’’ or ‘without’’ having PoE feature, with special cabling design, there is no need to add external power sources or bring additional power cables into the housing for heater/blower/infrared illuminator. From opening the packing box to real installation, it takes maximum 5 steps.

Furthermore the housing ratio is IP68 which is quite suitable for perfect protection of high quality IP cameras. However TS still keeps complete HiPoE housing range from IP66 to IP68 with different housing design to suit maximum application requirements.

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